Plush Toy Polar Bear and Ice Bear

Discover the high-quality cuddly toy polar bears of the Carl Dick Collection: Polar bears are among the largest predators on earth and the living models are known to be found living high up in the north, where it is really cold. The bears with the brilliant white fur live at and above the Arctic Circle, which is why they are also called polar bears. Since the Arctic consists only of ice, the polar bears' habitat is getting smaller and smaller due to global warming.
The plush toy polar bears from Carl Dick are so cuddly that you would prefer to never let them go. Among the plush toys, polar bears are very popular, especially if they represent polar bear cubs. Of course, you can also find larger, adult specimens, which can become an eye-catcher in your home as a pretty decoration. On you will certainly find a high-quality stuffed animal polar bear to cuddle, love and play with as a great gift idea.

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