Ostrich Soft Toy - Stuffed Animal

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Ostrich as a plush toy, a very special kind of plush bird. As with the penguins, this is a bird that cannot fly. In addition, as far as we know, the ostrich cannot even swim. But run like an animal. That is why bouquets are also considered ratites. A bouquet can also grow very large. The birds can reach a height of over two meters. And when you consider that you can still bury your head in the sand from this height? In the zoo you should note that bouquets like to stick their heads out through the cage. It could be that the visitor in front of him has something to eat. In order to admire the experience of a bouquet not only in the flower vase, there are these birds here as cuddly toys. The many lifelike details and colors are typical of the plush toys from the Carl Dick Collection.