Stuffed Animal Eagle - Plush Toy Eagle

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy eagle of the Carl Dick Collection: The eagle soars majestically soundless high up in the sky. The fluffy plush toy eagle can't hover, but it's just as silent and especially pretty to look at.
The natural birds of prey in the assortment of always include new variants. Sometimes the birds are in standing position just before takeoff, that is, with outstretched wings or sometimes sitting waiting.
Among the living models of the plush toys, there are several different species of birds of prey to discover. In this category you will find especially the popular bald eagle, which is also very well known as heraldic animal. The proud stuffed animal eagles, with the white head, the brown body and the yellow claws are very popular for cuddling, loving and playing or as a pretty decoration and always a great gift idea.