Keychains with soft toys / stuffed animals

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Discover high quality cuddly toy keychains from Carl Dick Collection. The high quality pendants can be key rings or carabiner. You can see this then clearly on the product images. The plush animal keychains are popular with young and old. One sees the small plush animals at school bags or also times at the belt hang. Waitresses and cashiers decorate with the plush animals the key to the cash register or quite modern, you hang them on the Christmas tree. Plush keychains usually show how well the manufacturer works. Because in the production of plush animals, the small animals are often much more difficult to sew than the larger conspecifics. In addition, of course, the pendant, which is of course nickel-free, must be securely attached, so that it can withstand even if you get stuck. The range of stuffed animal keychains is constantly renewed and is also a nice gift for those who no longer have room for larger cuddly toys.