Stuffed Animal Fish - Soft Toys

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy fish of the Carl Dick Collection: The fascinating and diverse underwater animals inspire in their many bright colors and shapes as plush toy fish. Did you know that fish are the oldest vertebrates on earth? They are divided into cartilaginous fish and bony fish, which you can find in this category. There is the well-known clownfish, which most people recognize because of its orange color with white stripes. And also the surgeonfish, which comes in bright blue tones and yellow fins, is very well known - by the way, it got its name from its spines, which resemble scalpels. And last but not least, the puffer fish, which is especially popular in Asia as a not entirely risk-free delicacy and stands out with its round shape. The peaceful sea dwellers are cuddly playmates and also as a pretty decoration stuffed animal fish are always a nice gift idea.