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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy lemurs of the Carl Dick Collection: They have become famous through one or the other movie and their most famous representative is probably the katta. But after Madagascar broke away from the African continent about 150 million years ago, a whole range of lemur species were able to develop in its paradisiacal nature without being threatened by the large predators of Africa. Today, there are about one hundred different lemurs that have evolved in their different habitats on Madagascar and the islands of the Comoros. And they differ considerably in appearance, size and fur colors: from the small Maki to the large Indri, the Vari, the Sifaka or the well-known Katta, just to name a few.
Particularly striking about the lemurs are their often large, protruding eyes, as many species are nocturnal. And not only because of this striking and distinctive feature, the beautiful and fascinating wet-nosed monkeys offer themselves naturally as a template for great plush toy lemurs. The name lemur comes from Latin and means "spirit, shadow". It is derived from the Roman spirits of the dead, which a researcher had to think of when looking at the mainly nocturnal lemurs with their large, striking eyes.
At you will find the friendly inhabitants of Madagascar as natural and lovingly designed stuffed animal lemurs. Whether to play, cuddle or love. But also as a great and exotic decoration they are a great gift idea for all animal friends.

Buy Cuddly toy katta lemurs: the famous animal inhabitants of Madagascar

ring-tailed-lemur-plush-toy-stuffed-animalThe most striking features of the katta lemur are probably its white face with black-rimmed eyes and its long, bushy tail, which is striped in black and white and is longer than its actual body. With such great looks, the "ghosts", as lemurs are translated from Latin, naturally lend themselves as great and unusual stuffed animals.

The katta differs from most of the approximately 100 known lemur species. Because these live mainly in the trees, where the good climbers move also jumping from tree to tree. But the katta lemur is actually more often found on the ground. To sleep, however, he goes back to the treetops for safety's sake. The lemur is also diurnal, whereas most of its relatives are nocturnal - hence their usually large, protruding eyes.

Another peculiarity of the calico is that they like to sunbathe. Then they can be seen sitting upright on their butts with their arms outstretched enjoying the sun.

As primates, they are typically very social animals and live in groups of up to 30 or more. Although males and females are about equal in size, among katta lemurs, the females are in charge and lead the group. The females give birth to their offspring after about 135 days.

The wet-nosed monkeys have different ways to communicate with each other in the group. They communicate with their tails, their posture, gestures and facial expressions and also with sounds. The animals, which used to be counted among the prosimians, mark their territory to other groups with their scent glands.

By the way, the calico is an omnivore, but it feeds mainly on fruits, nectar, flowers and buds, depending on the season. However, it may also eat insects, spiders or birds' eggs.

In former times Madagascar was forested to a large extent, today unfortunately only to about 20%. Thus, the lemur and its habitat are unfortunately endangered mainly by humans.

On you discover the sympathetic and fascinating island inhabitants as close to nature and high quality plush lemurs.

Plush toy katta lemurs: the highlights of the Carl Dick Collection

  • The sitting gray Katta Lemur with the typical black-rimmed eyes and his black and white curled tail is particularly popular in the assortment of
  • Especially funny can be the high-quality crafted Katta lemur with hook and loop on hands and feet attach anywhere you want
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Soft toy katta lemur: care advice for your plush lemur

If you want to wash your plush lemur, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water, as with all the stuffed animals on offer. More detailed tips can be found on our page with care advice for cuddly toys of all kinds.