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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy guinea pigs of the Carl-Dick-Collection: Guinea pigs made of plush or simply plush guinea pigs are considered at any time to the bestsellers in the online store Of course, this is because these cute rodents are not only cute, but as a cuddly toy in addition, they are also housebroken. Actually, guinea pigs are exotic and come almost from the other end of the world. In English, the small animals are called Guinea Pigs or Cavy. The word Guinea therefore describes the origin of the little pigs and since they came to us by ship at some point, crossing many oceans, they are simply called "pigs of the sea" in Germany. So these stuffed animals are another variety or breed along with the farm pigs, wild boars, porcupine and warthogs. But stuffed animal guinea pigs are the only pigs which made it to the top category "Pets" at

Buy Cuddly toy guinea pig: The living role models like to go up in the air for joy

Guinea-Pig-Plush-Toy-Stuffed-AnimalThis cute peculiarity of jumping of the cute rodents is actually called "popcorn". Because then guinea pigs jump with all fours in the air, which is somewhat reminiscent of corn kernels that become popcorn in the pan. And in fact, this behavior is usually considered an expression of joie de vivre or even excitement. Be it over a freshly cleaned stall or the delicious food they are served. Our plush guinea pigs can't jump, but they are just as cute to look at, they let you cuddle with them and they don't need a stable or food.

In our country they are mainly known as pets, but besides the domestic guinea pigs there are thirteen other species, all of which are wild and live in South America. There they can be found mainly in the grassy lowlands, but also in high-lying bare and rocky areas of the Andes living in burrows. Here, the gregarious rodents are usually in groups of 5-10 animals. They feed on energetic plant foods such as seeds, plants, leaves and herbs.

The ancestors of our domestic guinea pigs also come from South America and this probably explains their German name "pig of the sea", as they were brought "across the sea" by traders. In addition, they look a bit like small pigs (although with much more hair) and can squeak or squeal, which can also remind you of domestic pigs. Some of the wild species from South America are particularly large and are among the largest rodent species in the world.

The bred small rodents are about 20-35 cm long and weigh about 1000g, which also depends on the sex. Their fur comes in many different types and variations, whether smooth, long-haired or swirly shaped. On average they live up to eight years, in some cases even more than ten. By the way, their teeth grow for a lifetime, but they wear them out regularly due to their natural nail behavior.

Domestic guinea pigs can mate all year round. They usually give birth to two to four young animals, which are suckled by the mother during the first weeks and soon become sexually mature themselves - therefore they can multiply faster than one would like - but this cannot happen with the plush guinea pigs.

The plush toy guinea pigs of the Carl-Dick-Collection

All cuddly animals in the offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Care tips for the stuffed guinea pig

We always recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water to wash the cute stuffed animals. More detailed advice on this can be found on our page with care tips for cuddly animals of all kinds.