Guiena Pig / Cavy Soft Toy | Cuddly Toy

Plush guinea pigs or simply plush guinea pigs are always bestsellers in the online shop. This is of course due to the fact that these cute rodents are not only cute, but also house-trained as cuddly toys. Guinea pigs are actually exotic and almost come from the other end of the world. In English, the small animals are called Guiena Pig or Cavy. The word Guiena describes the origin of the little pig and since they came to us at some point by ship and traveled across many oceans, in Germany they are simply called guinea pigs. In addition to farm pigs, wild pigs, porcupines and warthogs, these plush toys are another variety or breed. But guinea pigs are the only pigs that made it into the top category "Pets" at
Available again from spring 2023