Soft Toy Wolves - Stuffed Animal

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The high-quality cuddly toy wolves of the Carl Dick Collection: Everyone probably knows the fairy tale of the bad wolf, but he is not as bad as his reputation suggests. As a lifelike plush toy wolf, he only wants to cuddle and is a fluffy playmate. Real wolves are rather shy animals that avoid humans as much as possible, unless you disturb them. Of course, they are the ancestors of our popular domestic dogs, which eventually go back to domesticated wolves. After being long considered extinct in Germany and Central Europe, the wolf has now successfully reestablished itself. Several different species of the wolf exist worldwide. In Europe, the handsome wild wolves usually have a gray-brown coat and live and hunt mainly as wolf families in their territories together as a pack. As stuffed animal wolves, the large wild dogs are a popular gift idea for friends of the pretty and shy forest dwellers.