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It's hard to imagine a childhood without a cuddly toy

With the cuddly-soft playmates made of plush, new worlds can always be created. The various bears as a classic among stuffed animals, a farm with native animals, the colorful world of birds, the Serengeti with wild animals, a nature park with animals from the forest and meadows or the water worlds of sea and ocean dwellers. There are no limits to the imagination here.

At you can get the large and fascinating world of animals with lovingly and detailed designed stuffed animals to cuddle, love and play or as a pretty decoration home and in the children room.

But the high-quality stuffed animals in the range can do much more. They help you fall asleep, provide comfort in times of sorrow and illness and are always by your side as loyal companions. The favorite cuddly toy accompanies its little owner on excursions, is allowed to go on vacation and of course dreams every night at the side of the little animal friend.

Giving a cuddly toy as a gift means giving love. The soft teddy bear from dear Grandma, the crazy chicken from Aunt Lisa, the owl from the clever cousin - a stuffed animal connects and stores memories. Often we remember the favorite stuffed animal from our childhood for a lifetime..

Particularly often, it is also beloved pets that are sought after in the plush variety. There it does not surprise also that the most usual domestic animal kinds of the dogs and cats belong to the largest and most visited categories on And also hamsters, guinea pigs and budgies are in great demand in the category of pets..

There are plenty of occasions to give a plush animal as a gift: for a birthday, as a Christmas present, for Valentine's Day, for Easter, for starting school. Or just because. Giving love with a fluffy stuffed animal needs no occasion, we think.

By the way, stuffed animals don't need food, are housebroken and usually behave quietly. They're just there to provide loyal and loving company. And how best to keep them clean, we reveal on our page with care tips for cuddly animals of all kinds.

All the cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist for soft toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Of course, we are constantly expanding the assortment at and there are always new fascinating animal species for you to discover in a lovingly designed and high-quality processed plush variant.

Also big children and animal lovers are happy about cuddly toys. Whether partners, girlfriends, neighbors or colleagues. Cuddly toys preserve friendship.

And good business relations!
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If you have any questions about soft toys or any other concerns, we recommend contacting the friendly customer service team at by phone or email. You will find the relevant contact details in the imprint, in the order confirmation or you can write a message using the contact form. The customer service team will be happy to answer any questions and provide support. You can also find most of the information online, such as the favourable shipping costs, the various payment options or questions about returns.

Flexible Payment offers a variety of convenient and secure payment methods. Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, credit card, PayPal and purchase on account or direct debit with Klarna are popular options as they offer flexibility and security. No credit card or login details are transmitted. Orders with one of these payment methods are processed and dispatched immediately. Alternatively, you can also pay in advance and the plush toy will be dispatched after receipt of payment. Further information can also be found under payment methods.

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Our online shop offers an impressive selection of high-quality cuddly toys that will exceed your expectations. With our high availability, you can always find the perfect cuddly toy for yourself or as a gift without encountering supply shortages. The variety of choice ranges from cute stuffed animals to lifelike plush toys to suit every taste. By simply ordering from our online shop, you have the opportunity to purchase high-quality cuddly toys from the comfort of your own home. Discover the joy of cuddling with our premium products to add fluffiness to your life.

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he big advantage is the fast delivery and the favourable shipping costs. This means you can receive your soft toys promptly and embrace them immediately. Orders placed before 1 p.m. on working days are dispatched on the same day. You will receive the consignment number by email and can see the status of your parcel at any time via the link contained in the email. You will receive your cuddly toy quickly and can enjoy the moment of happiness. Further information can be found under shipping costs and delivery times.