Top Cuddly Toys

Squirrel 19cm.
Duck with Sound
Duck with Sound 16cm.
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Plush Toys Sale

Bear Brown Bear with Scarf
Bear Brown Bear with Scarf, 18cm.
Only 12,45*
Panda Bear sitting
Panda Bear sitting 17cm.
Only 12,95*
Bulldogge, Pug lying with belt
Bulldogge, Pug lying, 35cm.
Only 34,95*
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New Stuffed Animals

Horse with Sound creme-white
Horse with Sound creme-white 17cm.
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Cuddly toys are all-rounders

There is no childhood imaginable without cuddly toys. Those cuddly playmates contribute to creating new worlds - whether it‘s a farm with home-grown animals (pets), the Serengeti with wild animals, a nature reserve with animals living in forests and meadows or the establishment of water-worlds in the children‘s room... There is no limit to your fantasy.

Our high-quality cuddly toys however are multi-faceted. They help fall asleep, console if you are sorrowful or sick and are by your side you if you need them - anytime. Your favourite cuddly toy will always be in your company: on holiday-trips as well as at bed-time; day by day. To give someone a cuddly toy means giving love to that person. The teddy bear from you grandmother, that crazy chicken from aunt Lisa, the owl your smart cousin once gave to you - that soft animal connects to your social environment and saves a lot of memories. Often for a lifetime.

There are many occasions to hand someone such a symbol of love: Whether you take it as a birthday-present, a gift for Christmas, Easter or to somebody‘s first day of school (though we don‘t think that there has to be a special event to show someone love, of course!). Plus, cuddly toys come with many advantages. There‘s no need to feed them; they won‘t make any dirt nor will they be noisy. Maybe these are some of the reasons why not only children love cuddly toys - even your partner, your friends and your neighbours will be pleased about such a soft gift.

Consequently cuddly toys contribute to long-lasting friendships - as well as to good business relationships! Click here to find more information about our products.

*Price quotation in Euro including taxes and excluding shipping costs. Buy high-graded plush toys online. Free shipping of stuffed animals within Germany from 25 Euro.