A „Beautiful Mix-Up“

We are here at the fair of attractions and curiosities. Long extinct Dinosaurs live on in their plush form with us; while Hand Puppets want you to set them alive. Show your affection unmistakably by giving someone a gift stemming from our section Heart & Love. Did you hear that? It‘s cackling, quaking, meowing and neighing. This is our section called Sound. Our Marmots will even create that true German flair by yodeling.

The one always carrying his favourite animal around is showing his true love to cuddly toys. Often they are seen on backpacks, school bags, and bunch of keys, accompanying their owner throughout the day - loyally and friendly. Find them at Keychains.

Animals with Baby, those Minis and Big Eyes just look so adorably cute you will fall in love with them immediately. A glance from her goggle eyes softens every heart. Our Unicorn in its majestic appearance is especially popular with the little girls.

What else is there to find at our fair? Have a look at our cuddly toys with magnets in Magnet World. They usually hang out on the fridge door. Sometimes they do even hang together. And don‘t forget our additional stand for Christmas time.

Curtain clear for our „Beautiful Mix-Up!“

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