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A „Beautiful Mix-Up“ | Carl Dick Collection
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Here, you will immerse yourself in an enchanting world full of cuddly toys that not only make children's eyes sparkle but also bring out the joy in your inner child. This wonderful collection of plush toys offers a variety so colourful and diverse that even a rainbow would be envious. Get ready for an adventure in plush and fabric that will warm your heart.

a googly-eyed cuddly toy gazing at you from afar with its huge, sparkling eyes, as if whispering, "Take me home, I’m your new best friend." These cuddly toys are not only visual highlights but also real characters. Whether as a cheerful companion during the day or a loyal friend at night, a googly-eyed plush toy will always be by your side, making you feel never alone. Try it out and let yourself be enchanted by these charming stuffed animals.

Hand puppets are another highlight in our mixed variety collection.
Imagine setting up your own little puppet theatre show, where each hand puppet brings its own unique personality to life. Whether as a lively raven, cheeky raccoon, or loving bat – these stuffed animals are masters of transformation and bring smiles to both young and old. You'll find that these hand puppets not only win children's hearts but also provide unforgettable, humorous moments for adults.

The mini-series is perfect for those who like to carry a piece of the Carl Dick Collection with them at all times.
These tiny cuddly toys fit in any pocket and are ideal for spreading a bit of plush magic on the go. They may be small, but they are mighty – the perfect blend of compactness and charm. Each of these little stuffed animals has its own story to tell and is just waiting to become your constant companion. Let yourself be inspired by the mini-series and discover how much joy a small plush toy can bring.

Our keyrings are not only practical but also make a real statement.
Who wants boring keychains when they can jazz them up with a cute plush toy? Whether it's a cheeky husky, a cute marmot, or a fluffy turtle – with one of our keyrings, every reach into your pocket becomes an experience. And the best part: you'll never lose your keys again because who could resist such a lovable stuffed animal? Ensure envious glances and smiles with our enchanting keyrings.

Animals with babies are the highlight for those who want to experience double the cuddling fun.
These plush toys come in pairs and bring their offspring along. Whether a penguin mum with baby or other animals, here you will find the perfect combination of love and plush. These stuffed animals tell stories of family and togetherness and are ideal gifts for those looking for something very special. Let yourself be touched by the heartwarming scenes these cuddly toys with baby depict and enjoy double the cuddle joy.

And of course, we must not forget the Christmas collection.
Here, things get festive and cosy at the same time. Imagine how a cute Christmas cat or a funny reindeer makes your holidays even more magical. These plush toys are the perfect companions for the Christmas season, bringing joy and warmth to every home. They are not only decorations but also wonderful cuddle friends that brighten up the cold winter days. Make Christmas an unforgettable experience with our festive stuffed animals.

Overall, the "Mixed Variety" category of the Carl Dick Collection on offers a colourful range of cuddly toys that have the right plush toy for every taste and occasion. Whether as a loving companion for the little ones, an original gift for friends and family, or simply a loyal friend for yourself – here you are guaranteed to find the perfect stuffed animal. Be inspired by the diversity and charm of our collection and dive into a world full of plush and fantasy. Have fun browsing and cuddling.