Stuffed Animal Squirrel / Chipmunk - Soft Toy

In our online store you will find high quality squirrel stuffed animals: We know from our forests the squirrel, which seemingly effortlessly climbs the highest trees, nimbly jumping from branch to branch and diligently collecting nuts and seeds on the ground. As cuddly toys, these cute rodents are particularly popular with their bushy tails, which they use, among other things, to keep their balance and control their daring leaps. There are over 280 species of squirrels worldwide, most of which live on the American continent. Of these, we also have the cute chipmunk as a stuffed animal. The chipmunk is best known for its cheek pouches in which it temporarily stashes its food, which can be quite a funny sight. Which, by the way, they have in common with the gopher, which can also transport its food in its cheeks. This species of squirrel, which lives in burrows, is also available from us as a stuffed animal. Gopher are always particularly vigilant and observe their surroundings making male, to have dangers in sight and to warn with a whistling sound. In any case, you will find with us in search of one of the sweet squirrels of the Carl Dick Collection.
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