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Discover the high-quality plush toy squirrels of the Carl Dick Collection: Everyone knows from the woods and gardens the cute squirrel, which seemingly effortlessly dashes to the highest trees, nimbly jumps from branch to branch and diligently collects nuts on the ground for his winter supply. As cuddly toy squirrels, these cute rodents are particularly popular with their bushy tail, which they use to control their daredevil jumps, among other things. Did you know that there are about 280 species of squirrels worldwide, most of which live on the American continent! Of these, the cute chipmunk is also available as a stuffed animal. The chipmunk is best known for its cheek pouches, where it temporarily stashes its food, which can be quite an amusing sight. By the way, they have this in common with the gopher, which also transports its food in its cheeks. You can also find this species of squirrel, which lives in burrows, here as a plush toy. For sure you will find here in search of one of the special stuffed animal squirrels of the Carl Dick Collection, which are always a nice gift and a great decoration.

Buy squirrel soft toys - the cute rodents are widespread in the nature of Europe.

squirrel plush toy stuffed animalBy nature, you can find the Eurasian squirrel in our country. With their reddish-brown fur, the living species are the model for one of our most popular plush squirrels from the Carl Dick Collection. Whereby in nature, depending on the habitat, there are also darker fur variants.
Characteristic and striking is especially the bushy squirrel tail, which can become almost as long as their actual body. This is good for so many things, because the lightweight squirrels can keep their balance with it, use it as a rudder for their daring and long jumps from branch to branch and communicate with its help with their conspecifics. It is also said to be quite practical for tucking in.
Furthermore, the cute rodents stand out with their typically brushed ears, which of course must not be missing in the affectionate and lifelike stuffed animal version.

The solitary tree dwellers, which come together only for mating, live mainly in the various forests of our environment. But they also stay close to humans in urban gardens and parks. However, we rarely get to see these particularly agile and shy animals - all the better if you can marvel at them as stuffed animals.

High up in the trees, the diurnal rodents also build their spherical nests of wood, called Kobel, which they cushion comfortably with moss. A single squirrel maintains several of these.

The squirrels feed on berries, nuts, mushrooms, and seeds, and are known to hibernate and begin to store up food in the fall. For this purpose they bury nuts, acorns and the like. In this way, they can leave their burrows from time to time in winter and help themselves to their food supplies - even if they do not always find everything again with their sense of smell. In this way, the rodents contribute to the expansion of the plant world, because new trees and shrubs can sprout from their forgotten depots.

A not entirely harmless competitor for the European squirrel is the stronger and more robust gray squirrel, which actually lives on the American continent and has been introduced to Great Britain and Italy, where it is displacing the native squirrels from their habitat for various reasons.

Buy cute cuddly toy squirrels in online store

The assortment at is always changing. But squirrels are among the classics that are always in demand. The cute tree squirrels are just particularly sweet and accordingly they are very popular as a velvety soft stuffed animal with children and nature lovers. They are cuddly toys to cuddle and cuddle, fluffy playmates and pretty, detailed decoration.

Particularly popular in this category are also the chipmunks, which belong to the ground squirrels and are widely distributed in the wild on the American continent. The rodents are in no way inferior to squirrels in their cuteness and are equally in demand as cute stuffed animals.

These cuddly squirrels are available at in many sizes, colors and positions.

All cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with company headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Care tips for the stuffed animal squirrel

Even a plush squirrel wants to be kept clean, especially if it has been played with a lot. In general, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water. This is also usually stated as information on the label sewn to the animal. You can find more detailed advice on this under our care tips for cuddly toys of all kinds.