Soft Toy Giraffe - Stuffed Animal

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy giraffes of the Carl Dick Collection: no other mammal can compete with this long neck. And on top of that, those long legs. In fact, this makes giraffes the tallest of all land animals, as they can reach up to six feet in height! Plush toy giraffes may not be six meters tall, but these graceful animals are fascinating even in smaller dimensions as a pretty decoration to look at. Their size is an advantage when it comes to getting food from tall trees, but a disadvantage when you have to stoop down to drink. The peaceful herbivores actually spend most of their day eating leaves from trees. After all, when you're that big, you have to eat quite a bit of plant-based food to get full. With stuffed animal giraffes, you bring a piece of savannah home. Because that's where the animals come from in southern Africa. With their pretty fur markings, giraffes are optimally camouflaged in the savannah. Plush toy giraffes also fascinate with a beautiful fur and are popular playmates and a loving gift idea.