Cuddly toys and animals on our little farm

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On our farm you can find everything that rural life has to offer. Our multitude of horses proves that here life actually is a pony farm. The pigsty is filled with pigs and piglets, cows graze species-appropriately on our meadow species-appropriately enjoying the company by goats, sheep and their lambs.

Only the donkey keeps being petulant from time to time. That stubborn fellow likes to be on our flower meadow nibbling tulips. Who could blame him for that.

Chamois and ibex are typically rarely seen on „normal farms”, we have to admit. Anyway, for their similarity with our goats we let them join us, so that they can spend holidays on our beautiful farm. Even the unicorn from fairytales feels extremely comfortable surrounded by that lovely landscape. And if you want to play „Animal Farm”, only let the raven from our bird‘s world fly into yours.

Our colourful, niminy-pinimy chicken and our cocky cock invite sensible cats (find it clicking „pets“) and clever foxes (forests and meadows) to play with them.