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Welcome to the Cuddly Toy Farm of the Carl Dick Collection...

...on, where you can find everything that idyllic country life has to offer. Here, life is still a pony farm, as proven by our large selection of different horses. We fill the pigsty with pigs and piglets, set the cows out to pasture in a way that suits them, and place pretty goats and cuddly sheep with their lambs by their side for company. Only the donkey is a bit stubborn again. The obstinate fellow stands in the flower meadow, nibbling on the tulips. But he is still cute.

Okay, you might only find chamois and ibex as fence guests on a classic farm, but since they are so similar to goats, they get to have a "holiday on the farm" with us. Even the unicorn from the mythical world feels exceptionally comfortable in the rural idyll.

Welcome to our fantastic Cuddly Toy Farm of the Carl Dick Collection on,
where your dreams of country life come true – only without pitchforks and early morning milking. Here with us, life really is a pony farm, and not just figuratively. Because when you wander through our soft meadows and fluffy fields, you will quickly realize: we have the largest and cuddliest selection of horses you can imagine. Whether it's a noble Arabian or a cheeky Shetland pony – every horse lover will find their perfect companion for exciting adventures or cozy cuddle sessions with us.

But what would a farm be without a squealing, joyful mess?
Our pigs and piglets love to wallow in the plush mud and always cause a hearty laugh when they wrinkle their funny snouts. And because our farm is as tidy as a cuddle paradise, you can be sure that our piglets are always clean and ready for snuggling.

The cows in our pasture are a picture of peace and tranquility.
With their big, friendly eyes and soft coats, the cows and highland cows invite you to cuddle up and dream of green meadows. You can almost smell the fresh grass when you hold your new plush cow cushion in your arms. And of course, the goats and sheep are already in the starting blocks to put a broad smile on your face. The little lambs are so sweet and soft that you'll wonder if it's even possible to find something cuter.

Ah yes, the donkey. Our good old donkey.
Actually, the donkey is the secret star of the farm, because his stubbornness is simply irresistibly funny. There he stands, in the middle of the flower meadow, nibbling on the tulips – as if the whole world belonged to him. You just can't be mad at him, even if he's once again not doing what you want. With his faithful look and fluffy coat, he is the perfect companion for those who like a bit of wilfulness.

Here's the cuddly toy llama.
With its cheeky grin and cool hairstyle, it doesn't just make the cows laugh. Always up for some fun, it doesn't spit words but pure cuddle factor. Whether it's counting sheep or hypnotising chickens – our llama sets the mood and is the secret star at every hay bale party.

But our farm has even more to offer.
How about a trip to the mountains? You might encounter a goat there! They have settled in so well on the farm that they almost belong here. They complement the herd perfectly and bring a touch of alpine adventure to our rural idyll.

For those with slightly quirkier tastes, we've got you covered too.
Remember "Animal Farm"? With us, you can experience this literary masterpiece anew when the raven from our bird world flutters over and causes a bit of excitement. Our yellow chicks and the proud rooster, the conceited cock, ensure there's never a dull moment. They busily scratch and peck around, always looking for the next adventure.

The yellow chick is the secret star of every farm.
With its funny waddle and cheeky beak, it brings a smile to everyone's face. Always ready for an adventure, whether it's jumping in the hay or frolicking with its chicken friends – this little ball of feathers brings pure joy to every cosy corner. Perfect for little dreamers and big laughs.

And let's not forget the clever cat and the cunning fox from our woodland and meadow world. These two are always up for a surprise and invite creative role-playing games where no idea is too crazy and no scenario too wild. With them by your side, every day on the Cuddly Toy Farm becomes a new, exciting adventure.

Our range of farm animals from the Carl Dick Collection on is not only incredibly versatile but also of the highest quality. Each cuddly toy is made with great attention to detail and promises long-lasting joy. Whether as a gift for young animal lovers or as a loyal companion for big cuddle needs – our stuffed animals bring a smile to every face.

Dive into the wonderful world of our Cuddly Toy Farm and be enchanted by the variety and charm of our plush toys. With us, country life becomes an unforgettable cuddle adventure that you won't want to miss. So, what are you waiting for? Come and discover your new plush friends who are just waiting to be hugged by you.