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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy foxes of the Carl Dick Collection: In our latitudes, everyone knows the classic red fox with its red-brownish fur, the large ears and its long, bushy tail. But did you know that the fox, which is related to the dog and wolf and is extremely clever, is one of the most widespread predators in the world!
Thus, in the cold tundra and up to the Arctic, you can find the Arctic fox, which you can also discover on as a plush toy fox. Thanks to its extremely thick, in the winter time white fur, this pretty fox species can survive even in the iciest temperatures and inspires with its beautiful fur as a plush fox as well.
And even in the warm desert areas of North Africa, a fox has spread: It is the desert fox, also called Fennek, which you can admire here as well as a stuffed animal fox. It is the smallest fox species in the world, but equipped with extremely large ears. The Fennek has adapted well to life in the hot desert, because it can manage without drinking for a long time.
In the great selection of you will surely find the right fox. Whether for cuddling and playing for young and old or as a pretty decoration for animal lovers and admirers of the beautiful foxes, you are guaranteed to find a great gift here.

Buy Cuddly toy fox: The smarty-pants among the forest animals as a fluffy playmate

We all got to know the pretty red fox early on in fairy tales and fables. There, he is usually considered particularly clever and cunning, which is why he is also called Reineke. And whoever is considered particularly clever is "as cunning as a fox".

However, we humans rarely get to see the nocturnal predators with the bushy tail, the big ears and the pretty face. Fortunately, the elegant animals, which are related to the dog and the wolf, are available here as detailed and lifelike stuffed foxes for children to cuddle and love.

Browse plush toy foxes - the highlights among the cuddly foxes of the Carl Dick Collection

Fox-Plush-Toy-Stuffed-AnimalOn you will find especially the red fox known from domestic forests in different sizes and positions. Mostly the cuddly forest dweller sits or lies with its bright red-brown fur and is a real eye-catcher. Children quickly take the pretty animal into their hearts as a cute playmate. And also for adults animal lovers they are a loving gift idea and pretty decoration. Especially popular are the two cuddly red foxes in sitting and lying position, as well as the pretty sitting classic fox in a slightly lighter shade.

The polar fox in its bright white fur is another highlight and a very popular fox species on offer. By the way, the real model from nature has the densest fur of all mammals and is perfectly adapted to a life in icy cold. A special fox and highlight in the offer.

Another famous representative is the desert fox, also called Fennek. Quasi the opposite of the polar fox, it is extremely well adapted to life in the dry desert and can survive for a long time without drinking. Its particularly large ears are conspicuous. Another special representative of the foxes, which you can discover here as an unusual soft toy.

All cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Care tips - how to keep your stuffed animal fox clean

Again, we generally recommend hand washing with lukewarm water if you ever want to clean one of the pretty foxes. For detailed advice, we are happy to refer you to our page with detailed care tips.