Soft Toy Fox - Plushfox - Stuffed Animal

You will find high quality foxes as cuddly toys at One knows especially the common red fox with his red-brownish fur, the big ears and the long, bushy tail. But the extremely clever fox, which is related to the dog and wolf, is one of the most widespread predators in the world: for example, in the cold tundra and as far as the Arctic you can find the arctic fox, which you can also get from us as a plush toy. Thanks to its extremely thick fur, which is white in winter, it can survive even in the iciest temperatures. And even in the warm desert regions of North Africa, a fox has established itself: The desert fox, also called Fennek. The smallest fox species, but with extremely large ears, has adapted well to life in the dry, hot desert and can survive for long periods without drinking. We also have this fox as a beautiful stuffed animal for you on offer.
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