Cuddly Toy - Cock, Hen + Chicken

Hen, chicken, rooster and chick. As cuddly toys, children love them not only after a visit to the farm, but also at Easter. Because the egg-laying guild is just as much a part of the festival in spring as the hare. But there are also animals with the designation chicken or rooster, which are then divided into their own categories. An example of this is our capercaillie. Here you will find more of these animals, which can only be found in the cities in the freezer or refrigerated shelves. You often say chicken or chicken to it. To get the idea back in the right direction, there are only stuffed animals here, i.e. pure toys. Chicks are very popular. The small animals are generally considered to be cute and they are usually available in the two colors white and yellow. The category always contains new animals. That's why it's not only worth browsing at Easter or Oktoberfest, but all year round.
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