Plush Toy - chicken & hen

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy chicks of the Carl Dick Collection: Children love the cute little birds not only after a visit to the farm, but also at Easter. After all, the egg-laying guild is as much a part of the springtime festivities as the hare. But there are also other animals that have chicken or rooster stuck in the name, which they then find on in a separate category, for example, the capercaillie.
But here they find the classic chicken as cute plush toy chicks to play, cuddle and love or as a pretty decoration for all animal lovers, whether for Easter or all year round. The small animals are generally considered particularly cute and there are the fluffy young birds mostly in the colors white and yellow. In the offer you will always find new animals, so it is worth browsing through the cuddly soft stuffed animal chicks not only in search of an Easter chick, but all year round.

Buy Cuddly toy chicks & chickens - the most common pet of man is also in great demand as a stuffed animal

chicken plush toy stuffed animalThe domestic chicken is one of the oldest pets of man, as bone finds of domesticated chickens have been found in China that are about 8,000 years old. It has evolved and bred from the Bankiva chicken, a wild chicken from Southeast Asia. Today, there are very many different breeds of chicken and the chicken is the most common pet in the world.

Discover fluffy cuddly toy chicks from the Carl Dick Collection

Chicks are already exceedingly cute by nature. The sight of the sweet flock of chicks being lovingly cared for by the mother hen is especially heartbreaking. And so it's no surprise that yellow hen chicks are also very popular among soft toys. Especially when they are designed as lovingly and lifelike as the chicks from Carl Dick.

Especially in demand is the cute yellow chick from the Carl Dick Collection, which you can find here in the store. With its beautiful yellow in nature-like design, it is always a hit as a sweet and loving gift, with young and old.

Care tips for the stuffed animal chick

Even a cuddly chick wants to be kept clean, so that the plush fur can continue to shine in beautiful yellow. For this, as with all stuffed animals, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water. More detailed advice can be found on our subpage with care tips for cuddly toys of all kinds.