Plush Toys with babies

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Discover the high-quality cuddly toys with baby of the Carl Dick Collection: cuddly toys with babies are a family affair in the truest sense of the word for the cuddly toy fan. Because one buys not only a beautiful plush toy, but gets the offspring right along. There are said to be some who claim that with a child you are difficult to place. Then ask our cuddly toys. The monkeys are way out in front. If you see the gorilla with his baby monkey in his arms or on his back, he is already in the shopping cart. The orang utan or squirrel monkey are also standard in the range. Some cuddly animals also come with the whole litter. For example, there are cuddly dogs with two babies in a fabric basket, which the cats of course immediately imitated. And if the cat has driven the Bernese mountain dog away, the dog carries its puppy around in its mouth. As a plush dog, you need the support of a small magnet. And if you do not find the favorite animal just as a mother with child, then this type of animal is certainly available in different sizes and you can assemble the family itself. And if you want to do this, we recommend the lions. Because with the kings of the jungle, even laymen can tell who is the mom, the kid, and thanks to the mane, the dad.