Soft Toys for Christmas X-Mas

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It is very Christmas in this category, because all the cuddly toys in this category have something to do with Santa Claus, the Christ Child or the Advent season. For example, a plush toy doesn't have to be a Santa Claus or wear a red hat for X-Mas. Above all, it can also be reindeer or elk to underline the lifelike quality of our range in the online shop. That doesn't mean that Santa Claus isn't lifelike, but it's called a plush toy and not a plush man. It is true that this category will peak in mid-November, but Christmas animals are bought all year round. Shipping is always a lot of fun when in August at 30 * C in the shade, typical Christmas stuffed animals have to be packed. We always say, there are rabbits not only at Easter, when not only the plush rabbit but also the lamb or sheep are in high season, but all year round. By the way, sheep are also a good fit for winter. However, anyone looking for a Christmas present should take the time to consider all of the plush toys. Because if a boy wants a lion, then you are at the right place at