Stuffed Animals Pigs and Piglets

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A large selection of loving cuddly toy pigs from Carl-Dick: In this category you will find farm pigs. Then in the category forest and meadow we have wild boars and in the wild animals even porcupines and even the warthog. Forgotten something else? Yes, in the pets category we have the guinea pigs. But now enough pig had - or nevertheless not yet? Then just browse through the various stuffed animal pigs and with a little pig, you will also find the right product for you. Pigs are here the generic term for the entire breed. Of course, a piglet is much cuter and invites more to cuddle than a filthy sow (meant as a term). Nevertheless, with this animal species just the fine lady is a sow, we can't help it. And the boar just no one searches on Google & Co. They don't fare any better in stuffed animal stores than the oxen and bulls. But who do we tell? So being lucky or not does not always depend on luck. If it does, we're sure to have a lucky pig for you.

Buy Cuddly toy pig - these little pigs are much cleaner than their reputation suggests.

pig plush toy stuffed animalIn fact, we have to break a lance here once for the domestic pig. Because these cute animals are much cleaner than one would assume. Unfortunately, they are often portrayed differently, but if you give them the space they need (and it is precisely this, unfortunately, often enough lacks), pigs are quite clean animals.

In addition, the pink piggies are also proven to be extremely intelligent contemporaries who can certainly keep up with other primates. And once you've seen such a cute little pig romp across a meadow, you can really only take it to your heart.

Soft toy pig - here you will find the right piglet as a pretty gift and lucky charm

Admittedly, some of the pigs here can't hide a certain pot belly, but we think it actually suits them quite well and thus find the stuffed pigs all the cuter.

Pigs and piglets here are mostly found in a standing or sitting position. A few wild boars have also strayed among them, but that's just for the sake of completeness.

They are all lovingly designed animals from the Carl Dick Collection, you can find more detailed material information on the individual product pages. The plush pigs are all as detailed as possible and close to the living model from nature and the cute, velvety soft animals quickly become the new favorite toy.

Such a clean pig - care tips for your stuffed animal

As with all animals in our range, we recommend hand washing. This recommendation is also usually found on the label sewn to the animal. More detailed advice can be found under our care tips.