Did you know that...?

... elephants are able to anticipate natural catastrophes and striped gooses fly in 7.000 meters height nearly without oxygen?
... that cheetahs can hunt well over 100 kilometers per hour or that a bat consumes thousands of mosquitoes a night?

Well, neither did we.

Considering that any cuddly toy is built after a very unique living being, we couldn't elude occupying ourselves with its nature. We want to share the most stunning, bizarre as well as the most normal findings with you. If you`re interested, feel free to follow our weekly animal-category: "Did you know that...?"

Did you know that lions...

... are shorter than a mature tiger, despite their 2,5 meters length (not to forget the one meter tail)?
... are more attractive to females when having a long, dark mane?
... can have a purely white fur as well as a blackone - even if that happens extremely seldom?
... were existent in Europe during antiquity?
... that there happen to be less than 30.000 animals worldwide living in the wild?
... mark their up to 400 square kilometers large herd area with excrement or urine?
... Lions have to fight for the leadership of the pack, often with a fatal outcome?
... are also dependent on the consent of the lioness as a pack leader during sex?
... mate around 40 times a day in a quarter-hour rhythm?
... -the young are born blind and are first hidden by their mother?
... not run very fast compared to their prey (approx. 50 kmh), but can accelerate very fast?

Did you know that hippos...

... are bloody bad swimmers and mostly run secretly on the river floor?
... are unexpectedly fast on land with up to 50kmh (and enjoy hiking at night)?
... feed exclusively on plants, almost always on land?
... are threatened with extinction, as there are hardly 150,000 animals left?
... are most closely related to the whale - and by no means to the horse?
... reach a length of five meters, plus half a meter of tail?
... with up to 4.5 tons on the scales can only be beaten by an elephant?
... once resided on the Rhine - even though it‘s a 100.000 years ago?
... their favourite hobby is sleeping and they like to dive in and out meanwhile?

Did you know that donkeys...

... run at speeds of up to 50 km/h in an emergency?
... can live to be over 40 years old?
... already 4,000 B.C. served humans as domestic animals?
... get by without food and water for longer than a horse?
... only give birth after 12 to 14 months of pregnancy?
... in the Middle Ages used for parchment production (skin)?
... are the clever lead animal among the Bremen Town Musicians?
... are considered an unofficial Democratic symbol in the United States?
... were worshipped as gods in North Africa?
... cross the interior auf Australia, millions of them?

Did you know that hares...

...have teeth that grow throughout their lives?
...cannot sweat?
...possess an internal compass?
...establish their own toilet spots?
...have a 360-degree field of vision?
...can run up to 70 km/h, faster than most of their predators?
...can see well in the dark?
...have an impressive jumping ability, leaping up to three metres far and one metre high?
...use their ears for communication?
...groom themselves like cats?
...also eat plants that are poisonous to many other animals?
...do not hibernate?
...have a short gestation period of about 42 days?