Stuffed Animal Rhino - Soft Toy

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Browse through the high-quality plush toy rhinos of the Carl Dick Collection: it is probably hard to miss how these giant pachyderms got their name. For the two fearsome horns are enthroned prominently on the head of the second largest land mammals on earth. Of course, the horns must also be present on the cuddly toy rhinos. Thanks to them, no other animal but man can become a danger to the rhino. There are only a few species of the endangered animals, which are found in Africa and Asia. Did you know that these brawny animals are pure herbivores!? By the way, rhinos like to take mud baths for skin care and cooling down. Which would perhaps be a bit of a shame with the stuffed animal rhinos, even if the fluffy playmates are of course washable and clean also make a pretty decoration.