Stuffed Animal Dino

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Discover the high quality cuddly toy dinos of the Carl Dick Collection: in this plush category you will find the extinct giants. Animals which lived on our planet a very long time ago. Whether Stegosaurus, Triceratops or what they are all called (have been called), they are the hit in every children's room. Mostly the dinosaurs are offered as hard or soft plastic figures. Not so with the plush dinosaurs on Here, of course, the dinos are also made of plush. In 1994, there was a film series from Hollywood, in which the dinosaurs were brought back to life. At that time, the run on the animals as toys was gigantic. After that, it subsided somewhat and the trade no longer wanted to offer dinosaurs. "They're out" was the tenor. We say to it: bad for the children at that time at the end of the 1990s. There were hardly any to buy. But how can something be out that is 65 million years old? In the meantime, things have calmed down again and dinos are back in the toy stores. Mostly made of plastic and in our case of plush.