Soft Toy Kangaroo - Stuffed Animal

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Browse the high-quality plush toy kangaroos of the Carl Dick Collection: With this famous marsupial, you probably immediately think of Australia. But did you know that there is not just "the one kangaroo", but over 60 different species!? Some of them, like the giant kangaroo, grow larger than a human, while others, like the wallabies, are rather small and cute. Like their real counterparts, cuddly toy kangaroos have rather strong legs and feet. They need them for their long jumps, because kangaroos are known to move forward by hopping. Some species can jump around ten meters. Of course, you can't help but think of the pouch in which the mother kangaroo raises her young. The friendly marsupials inspire as stuffed animal kangaroos as great playmates and a loving gift idea.