Cuddly toy with sound - Plush animal with voice

Discover high-quality cuddly toys with sound from the Carl Dick Collection. If you want your home to sound like a zoo for a change, you can find a whole enclosure here. Or if you prefer the sounds of the farm, let the cow, horse and pig sing. Who wants to chase away mice in the house, gets a meowing cat and who needs the watchdog, lets one of the many dogs bark. As a plush toy the hit: you give a lazy friend or work colleague a dog and install the sound module of a grunting pig. Then, because you bought two stuffed animals, you still have the barking pig for the next occasion. In any case, you then have a pig yourself that you have to overcome. Our birds also chirp in an original way, or if you like to sit by the lake, you can let the ducks quack. An absolute highlight are the marmots. What sound do these cuddly animals make? They yodel, of course. So you can hear almost the whole animal world at
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