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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy monkeys of the Carl Dick Collection: here you will find a great selection of the closest relatives of man from the animal kingdom. And indeed, the clever monkeys are very similar to humans in many ways, after all. Some can even walk just as upright on two legs. It is not without reason that Homo sapiens belongs to the family of apes, some of which you can find here as stuffed animal monkeys. There's the particularly intelligent chimpanzee, which even uses its own tools and has a distinct social behavior. Of course, he's also a talented climbing ape. The gorillas, in terms of size, are quite a different matter. Because they can become quite large and heavy. Even though this can make them appear fearsome, they are rather peaceful contemporaries. Where the extremely soft shaggy monkey is to be classified, on the other hand, we leave to your imagination. The orangutan with its reddish-brown fur differs from the other apes, which are also often on the ground. Because he is a real tree dweller and lives predominantly withdrawn in the trees of the primeval forests. You will also find gibbon stuffed animals here. Gibbons form a family of their own next to the great apes and are found exclusively in Asia. Their name may sound a bit scary in German, but the cute squirrel monkeys are especially popular as stuffed animals. Monkeys are always popular companions as cuddly toys and a great gift idea with which you certainly do not make a monkey of yourself.