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The Carl Dick Collection plush toy horses in loving design: galloping as a steed, a horse or a haymaker. Horses are the best gift for many girls. Some parents know these wishes and would also like to fulfill them to their little treasure. But usually there is not enough space, sometimes there is not enough time and often a horse can be quite expensive. For small riders there is then a rocking horse, which increases the heart's desire then, however, rather than satisfies. The remedy is a cuddly toy horse. These you can not ride, but you also need no oats - and no stable. In the online store, you can choose between different colors of horses. Some horses even sit or lie down. As a stuffed animal horse this is allowed, on the meadow or in the stable the horses stand yes mostly. At you will certainly find your horse in the desired position.

Buy Horse cuddly toys - popular with young and old as a gift

The beautiful and graceful horses are in great demand as animals not only among girls and riders. But not everyone can afford a horse, whether for reasons of time or cost. And even if nothing can replace the living animal, such a lovingly designed stuffed animal horse may be a small substitute and in any case a nice gift idea for all animal lovers and admirers of the graceful animals. In any case, they get along without stable, hay and oats.

Generally, one speaks of the horse, but should strictly speaking speak of the domestic horse, since man has already begun to breed this species from wild horses about 5,000 years ago. The "wild horses" still living today, however, are no longer such horses, but descendants of domestic horses that have been reintroduced into the wild. The original wild horses lived in grassy steppe landscapes of Africa and Asia. Through domestication by humans, however, they have spread horses all over the world. Thus they were of great importance especially as draught and riding horses.

In the course of history, man has bred a large number of different horse breeds. On the one hand, they are differentiated according to size, i.e. small horses or ponies and large horses. Surely you have also heard that horse breeds are divided according to their temperament and here speak of thoroughbreds, half-bloods and cold-bloods.

Browse a wide selection of high quality stuffed animal horses

Whether you are looking for black, white or piebald horses- on you will find cute stuffed horses in different sizes and positions, mostly standing or lying- sitting you probably see horses rather rarely, but as a cuddly toy everything is possible. Whether it is a stallion, mare or cute foal is left to the imagination.

Some horses on offer even already have the matching saddle sewn on. Even neighing horses with sound can be discovered and ordered here.

The fluffy horses are in demand as toys in the children's room with girls and boys, but also as a decoration in the living room they always make a good figure.

Especially popular in the offer is the velvety soft lying horse in brown from Carl Dick.

All cuddly toys in the offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist in cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Care tips for the stuffed animal horse

The cuddly horse does not need to be groomed, but if you ever want to wash it, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm soapy water as a precaution, as with all animals. More detailed advice can be found on our page with care tips for cuddly animals of all kinds.