Stuffed Animal Axolotl - Soft Toy

The high-quality cuddly toy axolotl of the Carl Dick Collection: They are known and loved mainly by aquarium owners, but for many the cute aquatic animals with their rather unusual appearance are a new and very special sight - especially as a fluffy plush toy axolotl. The slippery paragons, which belong to the amphibians, are called "water monsters" in the language of the Aztecs. The conspicuous gill branches behind their head probably contribute to this. The white-pink coloration is only found in the bred axolotls from the aquarium, because the wild newts are gray or brown in color. They are found exclusively in lakes near Mexico City, from where the exclusively aquatic caudate amphibians have spread to aquariums all over the world. The special appearance of the axolotl is also due to the fact that most of the cute cross-toothed newts remain in the larval stage throughout their lives and thus never become adults. They can reach a stately age of over 20 years. The lovable underwater animals are particularly popular as stuffed toy axolotls, because they are very special cuddly playmates and an unusual gift idea.
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Discover fluffy pink plush axolotl - An unusual animal as a gift idea

axolotl plush toy stuffed animalSome aquarium owners are probably familiar with them, but for us the axolotl was a new sight and an exciting discovery.

Translated from the Aztec language, they would probably be called "water monsters". Yet the caudate amphibians, with their broad head and gill branches, seem to have a friendly, smiling and sympathetic look about them, which is probably why they are so popular.

In the wild, they live exclusively in lakes near Mexico City and are grayish in color. From there, the amphibians have spread to aquariums around the world and have been bred in many colors. In the fluffy plush version of Carl Dick's axolotl, it comes in a bright white and pink. Here you can discover an unusual cuddly toy to cuddle, which is popular with young and old.

All cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist for cuddly toys with its headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Care tips for your Axolotl stuffed animal

Although the real-life models are amphibians, they live exclusively in water. With the cuddly animals it behaves a little differently and if you want to wash their darling once, we recommend hand wash with lukewarm soapy water. In addition, you can find more detailed advice on our page with care tips for soft toys of all kinds.