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Discover the high-quality cuddly toy hippos of the Carl Dick Collection: Today, the brawny mammals live only in southern Africa. The herbivores can weigh over three tons. Plush toy hippos, of course, weigh a little less. In keeping with their name in German, whichs translates to "river horse", hippos naturally live by rivers and lakes. And most of the day they actually spend submerged in the water, so that only their eyes, ears and nose peek out. This also makes the African heat more bearable. They can even sleep in the water and automatically surface to breathe. However, they are not necessarily good swimmers, because the heavy animals instead sink to the bottom and then move forward there continuously. As a hippo stuffed animal, they are particularly fluffy and cute playmates to cuddle, love and play with. And also as a pretty decoration, plush hippos are always a great gift idea for big and small animal lovers.

Buy plush toy hippos: the bulky pachyderms as a perfect role model for fluffy cuddly hippos

Hippo-Plush-Toy-Stuffed-AnimalThe today only in Africa south of the Sahara living real role models are usually called hippos, hippos or also hippopotamus. Because at the Nile they were sighted in former times by Europeans for the first time, even if in the meantime unfortunately no more hippos are to be found there.

It is also not completely clear from whom the mammals descended. Some say they are related to the pigs, which could be understood from a purely visual point of view. In any case, they do not have much of a classical horse and are therefore not related to it. Other studies have shown that even whales could be the closest living relatives of cloven-hoofed animals.

In any case, they are big enough to support this theory, because after elephants, hippos, together with rhinos, are the largest living land animals of our time, capable of weighing up to four tons. By the way, besides the well-known large hippopotamus, there is also the lesser-known and, according to the name, smaller dwarf hippopotamus.

And they actually reach their proud weight with vegetable food. They live mainly in the grasslands of the savannah near lakes and rivers and feed mainly on grasses and water plants. They eat at night, often for hours at a time. During the day, on the other hand, they usually stay submerged in the water, dozing, making the hot temperatures more bearable.

Instead of swimming, the large and heavy animals move interestingly rather jumping, because to get ahead, they let themselves sink to the bottom of the water and then push off with their powerful legs from this elegant. Those who weigh so much just have to know how to help themselves.

Buy hippo cuddly toys as a velvety soft gift to cuddle and play

With their somewhat chubby-looking body and their large head, the sympathetic hippos simply offer themselves as fluffy playmates and are correspondingly popular as a gift idea.

A highlight in the store is the velvety soft hippo from Carl-Dick, which convinces with its high-quality workmanship and softness. The lifelike designed cuddly toy is a cuddly and loyal companion in the nursery.

All cuddly toys on offer are from the Carl Dick Collection. The traditional brand has been successful on the market for over 30 years and is a specialist for cuddly toys with company headquarters in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Care tips for the Hippo stuffed animal

Optimally, her cuddly hippo should not take a mud bath. However, if it does and could use a real bath, we recommend hand washing in warm soapy water, as indicated on the label sewn to the animal. More detailed instructions can be found on our subpage with care advice for cuddly animals of all kinds.